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Asset tags are a really useful tool organisations, both large and small, use to track their property. This can include both fixed assets, such as road signs, bridges and sewage systems, and moveable assets, such as computers, laptops, mobile phones and printers.

Each tag contains a unique number or barcode which connects it to each asset. This enables the asset’s journey throughout the organisation to be tracked.

Tags come in a variety of formats, including warehouse barcode labels, traffic sign asset tags, utility asset tags, warehouse rack labels and foil asset tags. Generally made of either metal, polyester or plastic, the tags can also be made tamper-evident to deter theft. This wide range of asset tag formats enables businesses to design a custom-made solution to meet their individual needs and can include as much information about the business as required, including the company logo or simply just basic company details.

Asset tags provide many benefits to organisations. Fixed asset tags can help to collect useful data on how assets are used, manage routine maintenance and track repairs.

Tags on moveable property help an organisation to keep track of items that are rarely kept in one place, such as laptops and mobile phones, and act as a deterrent for theft. Tags can also be used to monitor repairs and identify when particular assets may need to be replaced or upgraded.

Asset tags provide a cost-effective and secure solution for ensuring business property remains protected.